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Many tools have been scanned; far more have not. It’s primarily used to give archaeologists around the world access to artifacts they would otherwise have to travel long distances to see. People such as Shea hope that it will, one day, allow archaeologists to more definitively answer questions that today are addressed using circumstantial evidence and logical conjecture. The central issue is not necessarily whether scientists can tell a tool from a naturally broken rock. The more complex question is how to tell the difference between tools intentionally created (probably by humans or our ancient ancestors) and those that another primate made by accident. The difference matters. Once upon a time, we considered tool use the factor that separated animals and humans. As scientists discovered tool use among more and more animals — including chimpanzees and octopuses — the goal post shifted. Today, as far as anyone yet knows, humans and our ancestors are the only animals that create sharp-edged tools specifically for cutting things.

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